Train Fever

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Adventure Simulation Strategy
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Game Information

Game Developer:Good Shepherd Entertainment

Release Date:2014/09/03

In-game Language: / Korean / Japanese / SimplifiedChinese / English / French / German / Spanish / Polish / Russian / Italian

Product Description

Train Fever is a railroad-focused business simulation game. In other words, it's a modern-day Transport Tycoon with procedural content and a sophisticated city simulation. 

It’s the year 1850, and there are great times ahead! Establish a transport company and be its manager. Build infrastructure such as railways and stations, purchase transportation vehicles and manage lines. Fulfill the people’s needs and watch cities evolve dynamically. 

Train Fever runs on an engine specifically developed for this game. The engine has a great innovative scope and is specialized in procedural content and urban simulation. A key point is the fact that there is no grid that game objects have to be aligned to, allowing for a great degree of freedom.

  • Randomly generated, modifiable terrain with realistic dimensions 
  • Advanced passenger simulation 
  • Dynamically simulated urban development 
  • Procedurally generated buildings 
  • No grid - that is, the game world is not limited to 90 (or 45) degree angles 
  • Vehicles from more than 150 years of transportation history 
  • Passenger and freight transport
  • Achievements and experience points
  • Detailed 3D graphics 
  • Freely adjustable zoom factor

System Requirements

Minimal Requirements

ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo

Graphics Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 MB /ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MB

Memory 2 GB RAM

System Windows XP/Vista/7 or 8

Recommended Requirements

ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo

Graphics Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 MB /ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MB

Memory2 GB RAM

SystemWindows XP/Vista/7 or 8

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