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Rage - Wasteland Sewer Missions (DLC)

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Game Information

Game Developer:

Release Date:2011/10/03

In-game Language: / English / French / Polish / German / Russian / Spanish

Product Description

The Wasteland Sewer Missions are part of the RAGE downloadable content (DLC) package to access sewer content, providing some extra mutant blasting gameplay and looting opportunities. 

There are nine sewer areas in total: seven in the Northern Wasteland and two in the Eastern Wasteland. Each sewer has an entrance and exit hatch, but the player can only enter through the entry hatch. It's recommended to be prepared to confront scores of angry mutants. In addition, the sewers contain a wide range of objects the player can collect and sell for a profit. Each sewer area has a loot pile, resembling a stack of bones and skulls. These loot piles contain the most valuable objects, including a Mutant Adrenal Gland: a rare ingredient required to make Adrenaline Overdrive.

System Requirements

Minimal Requirements





Recommended Requirements